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  • MB IR Plus Key Programmer communication with key via IR and RF in mercedes benz security protocol .
    Item NO.: AP49
  • Support Password of reading NEC key 51, 57, Calculate new lock data under EIS help, and reborn a new key.
    Item NO.: AP48
  • Outcode/Incode Calculator +SW Dongle+2000 Tokens For Ford
    Item NO.: AP47
  • FNR Key Prog 4 in 1 Key Prog for Nissan Ford Renault equals to Ford key prog+ Renault key prog+ Nissan key prog+ Ford Incode Calculator.
    Item NO.: AP46
  • Support of keys based on the NEC controller. Such as 0x28, 0x35, 0x40, 0x51, 0x57, 0x61, 0x71, 0x81, 0x229.
    Item NO.: AP45
  • New VAG Pin Reader is for VAG security code reading by OBDII, it works with most of VW Audi Skoda Seat
    Item NO.: AP44
  • Please do not update online or use original software, otherwise your BMW E/F SCANNER will be locked! And need send it back for repair
    Item NO.: AP43
  • remote controller (remote control machine) is design for easier operated and have more powerful function. It has nine buttons, among which 5 function buttons, 4 arrow buttons.
    Item NO.: AP42
  • If you plug 4D CLONING TOOL device in USB port first time operation system offer to install the driver of located device.
    Item NO.: AP41
  • Ford Mazda FMPC001 Incode Calculator no need install software, all hand-held calculate incode outcode for Ford and Mazda, support 6 digit outcode transfer to 4 digit.
    Item NO.: AP40
  • Directly read and write chip data quickly and safely, support the new 2009 7 Series (F01/F02) CAS4 odometer and chips read and write data,safe and effective.
    Item NO.: AP39
  • The Isuzu EMPSIII Programming Plus is Isuzu's state of the art diagnostic tool that is used with all current Isuzu electronically controlled engines.
    Item NO.: TT03